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  • Pioneer XDJ-700 Kompakter Media Player

    Der Pioneer XDJ-700 bietet unvergleichliche Setup-Möglichkeiten. Durch seine kompakten Maße und den abnehmbaren Standfuß eignet er sich selbst für enge DJ-Kanzeln und die kleinste Nische zu Hause. Er ist auch der erste Player dieser Preisklasse mit Pro DJ Link, dass es ermöglicht, eine Quelle mit bis zu 4 Playern oder Laptops zu teilen.
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  • Audio Technica AT-LP120 Direct Drive USB & Analog Turntable ATLP120 Black

    High-accuracy quartz-controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider control with /-10% or /-20% adjustment ranges; and removable hinged dust cover. forward and reverse play capability; cast aluminum platter with slip mat and a start/stop button; three speeds 33/45/78;.
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  • ProSound LED Multi-Colour Moonflower Light Effect Party Disco DJ Equipment New

    High output Moonflower effect with revolutionary 3W RGB 3-in-1 LED. Colour changing beams of LED light. 108 Razor sharp beams fill a dance floor, ceiling or wall. Precision motor technology produces accurate movement and smooth fluid move movements for mood music.
    CHF 56,78
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  • Pioneer XDJ-700 Wifi USB Player Rekordbox XDJ700 XDJ 700 Digital Deck DJ-Player

    Der Pioneer XDJ-700 ist ein kompakter und digitaler rekordbox-ready DJ Player mit einem vollfarbigen LCD Touch Screen, Pro DJ Link und vielen weiteren Features seines größeren Bruders (XDJ-1000). The XDJ-700 comes with a large touchscreen, a familiar club layout and it inherits a host of features from its big brother, the XDJ-1000.
    CHF 627,49
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  • LCA-PAR5 Case 4x LED Par 56 Scheinwerfer Koffer Transportcase Flightcase Kiste

    Dap Audio LCA-PAR5 Case for 4x LED Par 56 Value Line. Case for 4 x LED par 56 Value line. Aktive PA komplett Sets. Audio / PA-Technik. Lautsprecher | Systeme. Passive Bassboxen. Aktive Bassboxen. Gewicht: 4,4 kg.
    CHF 69,25
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  • Manfrotto Super Clamp 035 Superclamp supa universal Klemme M035 35 M35 FTC

    Diese kann an Rohren, Platten oder anderen Trägerelementen von 13mm - 55mm befestigt werden. Manfrotto Super Clamp 035. Sein hexagonaler 16mm Sockel erlaubt die Befestigung mit einem Mini TV Zapfen (Spigot) oder einer Vielzahl von Zubehörteilen.
    CHF 17,58
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  • IK Multimedia iRig Mix DJ Mixer For iOS & Android Devices

    It is a complete DJ system for rehearsing, performing and recording. The lightweight and slim design of the iRig MIX allows it to be easily carried in a regular iPad bag. For the first time on any DJ mixer, the iRig MIX can be used for mixing any type of audio source (coming from mp3 players, CD players, etc.) with an iOS device using automatic tempo matching and beat syncing.
    CHF 70,67
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  • DJ-TECH DIF-1S 2-CH DJ scratch mixer with integrated mini innoFADER Brand New

    DJ Tech Pro is proud to present the DIF-1S. Inherited from the original innoFADER, it provides smooth and robust feeling to the Scratch DJs. The cut-in position can be adjusted by users with simple calibration steps to fit your taste and the Reverse switch allows you to do different style of scratch skill.
    CHF 164,06
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  • Manfrotto 420B Combi Boom Stand black (mit Sandsack G100) Galgenstativ Stativ

    Dieses Stativ ist eine grossartige Mischung aus Galgenstaiv und konventionellem Stativ. Einfach den oberen Teil zur Seite klappen und ferig ist der Galgen mit einem maximalen Auszug von 1,91m. Mit Gegengewicht ist der Galgen mit bis zu 2KG belastbar (0,9KG ohne).
    CHF 170,35
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  • PEP Flightcase FC-SX Pioneer DDJ-SX Case Koffer DDJ SX Transportkoffer DDJSX

    Das PEP Flightcase FC-SX wurde speziell für den Pioneer MIDI-Controller DDJ-SX entwickelt und schützt diesen umfassend. Darüber hinaus verfügt das Case über eine Laptopablage, welche man über eine Schiebevorrichtung justieren kann.
    CHF 148,08
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  • Technics Universal Turntable Dust Cover (black with silver embroidery)

    Classic Technics logo embroidered in silver. DMC Technics Classic Deck Covers. Black (silver embroidery). Pro audio equipment. Protects against dust and grime. Performance & DJ equipment. 9am-6pm, Mon-Sat.
    CHF 25,10
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  • Technics Backpack 12 Inch Vinyl Record Bag (black with red logo)

    All with the Technics logo embroidered on the front. A must for all Technics fans. Authorised dealers - full technical support. Online since 1997. Performance & DJ equipment. Can be used as bag or ruck sack.
    CHF 43,54
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    18" UV Blacklight Metal Fitting & 15W Tube. 15w UVblacklight housed in a sturdy metal fitting. UV Tube length 450mm. Complete with starter and UV tube. Creates amazing atmospheric effects & gives an eerie glow to UV reactive & fluorescent materials & paints!
    CHF 22,07
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    ALSO COLLECTION IS NOT AVAILABLE. Headphone and master output splitter cable. Connectors for a speaker system, headphones and your iOS device's audio jack. Hear both the speaker mix and the song you're cueing.
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  • RELOOP RP4000 M + Testina Concorde Black

    CHF 318,54
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  • OMNITRONIC UHF-502 2-Kanal Funkmikrofonsystem Funkmikrofon Mikrofon UHF 502

    OMNITRONIC UHF-502 2-Kanal Funkmikrofonsystem. OMNITRONIC UHF-502 2-Channel wireless mic system. 2-Kanal-Multifrequenz-Empfangseinheit und 2 Handmikrofone in UHF-PLL-Technik. Non-Diversity-System mit zwei abnehmbaren Antennen (BNC-Anschluss).
    CHF 196,02
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  • Showtec Mirrorball 30 cm - 30 cm Mirrorball Spiegelkugel Disco Kugel

    Showtec Mirrorball 30 cm - 30 cm Mirrorball without motor. Überschrift 30 cm Spiegelkugel ohne Motor. 30cm Spiegelkugel ohne Motor. Passive Bassboxen. Aktive Bassboxen. Lautsprecher | Systeme. Aktive PA komplett Sets.
    CHF 19,07
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    BRAND NEW ITEM *Authorised Numark Dealer * WARRANTY INC
    CHF 238,54
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  • PULSE D606 MICROPHONE & CLAMP (tom mic cajon drum percussion folk instrument)

    PULSE D606 - TOM DRUM MIC. DYNAMIC INSTRUMENT MICROPHONE WITH MOUNTING CLAMP IDEAL FOR PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS. We have found it produces excellent results with the Irish Bodhran and Cuban Cajon, where the included clamp allows it to be attached directly to the instrument, can be clipped directly to the drum rim.
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  • Decksaver Pioneer DJM S9 Cover

    Protective equipment cover specifically designed to fit Pioneer DJM S9 mixer. Each Decksaver cover is rigorously tested before it carries our name. Shields faders and controls from dust, liquid and accidental impact whilst accommodating cables.
    CHF 46,38
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  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk2 DJ Controller + Traktor Pro 2 DJ So...

    4 deck DJ controller Traktor Pro 2 DJ software. Now with the latest Traktor features at your fingertips, take your mix to new heights. Traktor Kontrol S4 is ideal for travelling DJs, providing everything you need to rock a party.
    CHF 591,93
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  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 USB DJ Controller

    TRAKTOR KONTROL X1. The new X1 also has new RGB cue point trigger buttons - to enable users to easily identify cue points - a more advanced touch-sensitive browser and loop controls. General: Monitor with 1024 x 768 screen resolution, USB 2.0, 1 GB free disc space, high-speed internet required.
    CHF 188,06
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  • 6.35mm 1/4" Quarter Inch Female To Female Stereo Jack Adaptor Joiner Coupler

    6.35mm Female To Female Jack Adaptor Joiner Stereo Coupler. 6.35mm Jack joiner adaptor used for joining two 6.35mm jack plugs together. Stereo Coupler. Create Widget or customise colours. Check out our other products.
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  • Text / Message Full Colour Laser Light disco DJ Nightclub effects **SEE VIDEOS**

    NEW 2017 With Keyboard+ Remote- Write your own Messages
    CHF 238,54
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  • Technics SL-1210MK2 Turntable

    CHF 566,69
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