• Antenna airband 118-136Mhz aviation scanning Vinnant SO239

    TYPE : VINNANT AIRBAND 1/4. Antenna is using SO239 connector. connector SO239 female. antenna is tuned for good swr using pro antenna analyzer. transmitting ,antenna can be factory tuned upon request.
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  • G5RV Full Size 102 Feet Superior polly Wire Antenna / Aerial

    MCR COMMUNICATIONS G5RV FULL SIZE. This G5RV Full-Size HF Wire Antenna is an HF Amateur Band, Receive and Transmit Antenna. The ribbon cable should hang downwards as it forms part of the radiating antenna.
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  • 80 Meter K5WZ Horse Fence HF Dipole Antenna / 6m-80m

    K5WZ Antennas are a product of RFLABS.US. 73 de K5WZ. HF Dipole Antenna 6m-80m. Total Length: 120'. 15 Stainless Conductor Wires. Better Gain. All Stainless Hardware. Weight: 2 lbs 9.3 oz.
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  • Antenna ads-b collinear 1090mhz white great gain COL1090/5-H Vinnant

    VINNANT COL1090/5-H. tuned for 1090Mhz. Can be used for receiving aircraft transponder on 1090mhz ADS-b signal. swr 1.5:1 or better at 1090Mhz. Make sure antenna is placed as high as possible with no nearby objects at least 50cm away from the antenna.Antenna need to be on the top of the pole and cannot be placed in the middle of the pole,unless you use the orizontal stand-off arm.
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  • NESDR SMArt Premium USB RTL-SDR w/ 0.5PPM TCXO, Metal Case, SMA. R820T2 RTL2832U

    Made in the USA & Canada. Full 2 Year Warranty!
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  • Goobay PLL single output LNB for Es'Hail2 QO-100 Amateur satellite, 25MHz ref.

    Goobay PLL single output LNB. 25MHz internal crystal reference. Universal 40-mm LNB fixture. Pictures of the interior of the LNB are provided for information only. All LNBs are supplied factory fresh, unopened and un-modified.
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  • Neues AngebotAmeritron ARB-704 amplifier interface with PNP-8D cable for Yaesu

    I n excellent condition. The ARB-704 will work with almost any transceiver without the need for a plug-and-play pre-wired cable. This is a straight ARB-704. Included are PNP-8D cable, RCA cable set and power cord.
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  • Magnetic Loop Antenna UK MADE QUAD BAND Camping antenna QRP Antenna 40-30-20-17 

    They are a compact design and are designed for open field, camping, garden or a trip to the park, on the balcony in a flat, boat or anywhere a wire antenna isn't practical, They could be permanently fitted outside but would need to have the capacitor Enclosed.
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  • Sigma Venom 1/2 wave Silver Rod CB Base Station Antenna 11 and 10 meters

    Sigma Venom 1/2 wave Silver Rod CB. The Sigma Venom 1/2 Wave is a basic silver rod antenna. Base Station Antenna. Mounting Pole Bracket & u-bolts. Impendance 50 Ohms. Frequency 26-28Mhz. Power Handling 1000watts.
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    Aside from that, the circuit is much like the others. The combined signal is then buffered by Q4 and sent to the receiver through a relay. In transmit mode, the relays serve to isolate the QRM device and allow the transceiver to be connected directly to it’s antenna.
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    CENTER LOAD REDUCES TOTAL HEIGHT OF WHIP. WILSON 5000 MAGNET MODELS. Wilson 880-900817 36" Short Load Antenna. WORKS WITH WILSON 1000 AND. Wilson Antennas 880-900817 36 Short Load Antenna. EXIT 160, I/57 & I/70.
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  • 10KHz-2GHz All Band 12Bit SDR Receiver for SDRPLAY RSP1 RSP2 RTL-SDR HackRF top

    Wideband Full Featured 12bit SDR Receiver for SDRPLAY RSP1 RSP2 RTL-SDR HackRF. - ADC: 12bit. - Software: SDRuno HDSDR SDR Console. . - 1 x SDR Receiver. - Upgrade AM FM HF SSB CW Receiver All Band HAM Radio.
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  • RF bridge 1-3000 MHz, VNA Return Loss SWR reflection bridge antenna, cased

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  • TYT MD-UV380 Non-GPS Dual Band 144&430MHz DMR Digital/Analog Radio US Seller

    Free Programming Cable and Software CD
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    This compact RDS encoder together with it's dedicated software provides a professional yet easy plug and play solution to upgrade a radio service with RDS functionality. Send messages live on air from your computer or save to the encoders memory for standalone use. The multiple message banks provide greater message capability than other encoders, in addition messages can be automated with the software's scheduler. The circuit board programming connector has been replaced with a vertical type for easier connection from above the board. RDS Services supported: Static PS (standard 8 characters) Dynamic PS (4 Banks x 96 Characters) Scrolling PS (2 Banks x 96 Characters) Radio Text (4 Banks x 64 Characters) Scroll Speed - 1 to 10 seconds PI Code PTY DI TA TP PAGE MS Live PS update Restore from Memory Dynamic Scheduler - automation of PS labels.
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  • Antenna 5/8 great coverage ads-b flightradar 24 1090mhz high gain F connector

    Aircraft transponder on 1090mhz. This antenna is 5/8 type,is the best antenna of ground planes ensuring good coverage,is better than j-pole or 1/2. Connector is nicely embedded in body of antenna. Assembly needed upon arrive,3 radials need to be screwed inside body of antenna hand tight,and counter secure the small nuts,to prevent the wind from loosing the connection.
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  • 500 W 16,2m Multiband Dipol endgespeist 1:9 Balun EZwire 10m - 160m L:16,2M

    Für manche Bereiche ist der Einsatz eines Antennentuners notwendig (AT im Transceiver reichen in der Regel aus). Einsetzbar auf allen Amateurfunkbändern von 10m - 160m. Die Antenne kann horizontal, vertikal, als L, als Sloper oder sogar im Zick-Zack aufgehängt werden.
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  • End Fed Dipole 80-6 meter Portable HF Antenna Matchbox System. HIGH QUALITY

    How this works is really quite simple. That's way too much for a tuner to handle right?. Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to run a portable dipole without needing 2 or 3 supports or several antennas for portable or permanent operation?.
    CHF 38,42
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  • QO-100,Eshail,Es'hail,Hailsat,AMSAT,P4-A,Upconverter 2,4 GHz, Linearbetrieb

    OSCAR Phase4 UP - Converter, SSB,CW,FM,DATV
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  • ZRZ-1S Zebra Zero Zum Screen Case - For MMDVM ZumSpot (solid top incl) Black Ice

    For Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W (not included), ZUMspot MMDVM (not included), and an OLED screen (not included). The Zebra Zum Pi Screen case allows you to elegantly combine the Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W, ZUMspot, and an. 96″ OLED screen.
    CHF 17,18
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  • RTL-SDR R820T2 RTL2832U 0.5 PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio 25MHz -1.7GHz UK

    Tuner IC Rafael Micro R820T2. R820T2 tuner IC. Interface IC Realtek RTL2832U. RTL2832U Demodulator/USB interface IC. 0.5PPM, ultra-low phase noise TCXO. Lower board-level temperatures further improves the SDR noise floor.
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    If you are buying this to make your own Yagi or Directional antennas the dipole will fit a 1" Boom arm and has a 6mm stainless steel bolt and wing nut to attach it. 1000W Power handling. 87.5 - 108 MHz.
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  • SIRIO CX-440 PMR446 446MHZ BASE ANTENNA uhf 440-455MHz cx440

    Sirio CX 440 - Omnidirectional Base station 446 antenna. A good quality base antenna ideal for use on the PMR446 band. • Base station antenna, Mono-band. Wide bandwidth - the antenna can be used from 440-455MHz with no tuning required.
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  • ALL NEW DESIGN POCKETSPOT - MMDVM Hotspot DMR - Rechargeable - Nextion Screen

    Now no need to have a power source for your Hotspot, with the all new design of the "Pocketspot" you are cable free!
    CHF 128,79
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  • FT-817 FT-817ND FT-818 Anderson PowerPole Adapter Power Connector 

    Note: Several have asked about the size of the PowerPole adapter and what cable they should use to interconnect with this adapter. The answer is that both 15A and 30A PowerPoles are 100% interchangable.
    CHF 15,17
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  • 5R feeder + RB-400 Clip for mobile car radio Clip Nagoya RB-400 Car Antenna K9U1

    Walkie Talkie Type: CarType: Two Way RadioType: portable Antenna Mount Bracket 5M Feeder CableCharacteristic: walkie talkie accessoriesRB-400 Mobile Radio Antenna Mount: 1. No holes / drilling required2. Rubber mounting pad protects mounting surface3. Four set-screws insure mount strength for larger antennas4. 2-axis adjustment gives flexibility in mounting location, i.e. trunk lid, hatchback, vertical door, etc.Mobile Radio Antenna Feeder Cable: Connector Socket to Antenna: for SO239 Connector to Radio: PL259 Cable Type: RG-58 Compatible Mobile Radio Models: for YAESU: FT-1802M ,FT-1807, FT-7900R, FT-1900R,FT-2900, FT-2800M, FT-7800R, FT-8800R,...for Kenwood: TM-271 ,TM-471,TM-281,TM-481,TK760,TK780,TK7160,TK7180,TK7102,TK7150 TK7302U,TK7360,NX700...for ICO.
    CHF 11,99
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  • RTL-SDR Blog RTL2832 ADC Chip PPM TCXO SMA F Software Defined Radio Receive T9E9

    This is a new generation of software defined radio receiver RTL-SDR with RTL2832 ADC chip, 1 PPM TCXO, SMA F connector and aluminum case with passive cooling. This model adapted new solution ADC RTL.
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  • Compact CB Radio Tram 40-Channel 703-HC Center Load Antenna Kit Backlit LCD NEW

    If you're looking to upgrade your vehicle's communication scanning potential, this kit is for you. It starts with the 40-Channel Bearcat Compact CB Radio from Uniden. This lightweight CB radio is easily mounted in your car.
    CHF 42,76
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  • Antenna Vinnant 5/8 446 mhz base PMR DMR

    446Mhz PMR DMR or professional band. It is a 5/8 antenna. Antenna have strong radials and is very robust. This antenna is using N connector. Antenna provide gain and increase the coverage. 51cm antenna only.
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  • QRP Magnetic Loop Antenna

    Magnetic loop antennas are known for their relative efficiency when compared to their physical size, and are known for being "quiet" on receive compared to many other antennas, especially dipoles and verticals.
    CHF 166,89
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  • 9MHz SSB Filter, 6-pole ladder, 2.4kHz -6dB BW, 5.56kHz -60dB BW, 70dB stopband.

    Insertion loss is 4dB and the stopband within the test jig is 70dB. PCB size 60x27x18mm. The carrier crystals required to go with this would need to be adjusted for 8.9982MHz for USB and 9.00115MHz for LSB corresponding to the -20dB points on the characteristic.
    CHF 25,76
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  • ICOM RS-BA1 software for IC-7000,7100,7300,7600,9100,746/pdf Manual included

    These are ICOM Specs. Low voice latency (caused by the RS-BA1). IC-7000, 7100, 7300 ,7600, 9100 & 746. Depending on your radio, a few functions or modes cannot be used, or you need to update the radio's firmware to operate the CW level, using the RS-BA1.
    CHF 22,75
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    A high quality, low noise stereo audio limiter that provides professional results. it can be used for studio or home recording, internet & radio broadcasting or peak protection for powerful mosfet amplifiers. A limiter allows audio to be played or recorded at a higher volume level without causing over modulation giving your audio that BIG commercial sound & stronger presence. This limiter is versatile in design, it produces a natural sound even when high levels of limiting are being applied. Response has been tailored to give optimum results without the need to twiddle with any adjustments. Undesirable pumping & breathing effects associated with inferior auto gain & basic compressor circuits are avoided. With a 25db limiting range & output level of 0db (0.
    CHF 28,27
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  • Antenna UHF-F 10-1300MHz Nagoya Antenna Ground Redical for Car Mobile Radio B6T4

    Walkie Talkie Type: CarMaximum Range: Less than 1.5kmType: AccessoriesFrequency Range: VHF UHFTalk Range: depend on radioStorage Channel: depend on radio1. All of our items are Brand New.2. Model: RE-02.3. Frequency: 10-1300MHz.4. Wide range of applications.5. It can effectively enhance the signal.6. Connector: UHF- Female TO UHF-P/M.7. Weight: 90g.colour: BlackMaterial: ABS Metalsize: Length of antenna: 10cm X 3(uhf) and 15cm X 3(vhf)Package Contents: 3 x Short Gain Rod3 x Long Gain Rod1 x AdapterOnly the above package content, other products are not included.Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is /- 1-3cm. .
    CHF 4,90
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  • Type N Male to SMA Male RG316 Coaxial Cable 2M SDRplay RSP1/2/3 Hack RF RTL SDR

    Type N Male to SMA Male Rg316 Coaxial Cable 2M. 2 m Extension RG316 Cable N Plug (Male Pin) to SMA Plug Connector Pigtail Cable. Cable type: RG316 cable. Product Series: N to SMA Cable.
    CHF 7,72
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    PL259 PLUG. Standard Nickel-plated.
    CHF 1,93
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  • 2 x PL 259 UHF-Stecker für 5 mm Kabel RG58

    Technische Daten.
    CHF 2,25
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  • 0.1-2000MHz 30dB Low Noise RF Amplifier LNA Broadband Module Receiver A2P1

    Colour: greenMaterial: CCL metalThis product with wide frequency range, high gain, low noise figureThis product can be applied to various rf receive front-end and increases communication distanceUsed for Short wave, FM radio, remote control receiver, such as cable TV signal amplifier need low noise rf signal amplificationSize:25*52mmDiameter of end: 5mmOperating frequency:0.1-2000MHzAmplifier gain:F=0.1MHz, gain=32dBF=500Mhz, gain=31dB F=1000MHz, gain=29dBF=1500Mhz, gain=25dBF=2000MHz, gain=20dBMaximum power output: 10dBm (10mW)Power supply voltage: 6-12 VDCSystem impedance:50ΩTips:When working frequency is less than 500 MHZ,it get well gain flatness, can make it less than 1dB after careful adjustment. The lower frequency the higher gain consistencyAmp.
    CHF 5,72
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  • FT240-43 Amidon Faire-Rite Toroid Core 2.4-inch #43 material u=800

    Up for sale 100% original AMIDON/Faire-Rite toroid core.
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    Sendereichweite: 5.200cm (je höher die Frequenz, desto größer die Reichweite). Sendefrequenz: 0…45MHz. Externer Encoder, zur Bedienung anschließbar. DDS AM Modulator 0-45MHz v2. Frequency range : 0…45MHz.
    CHF 66,48
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  • Programmierkabel DP3400 DP3600 DP4400 DP4600 DP4800 wie PMKN4012B

    DP4400 DP4401 DP4600 DP4601 DP4800 DP4801. Programmierkabel wie Motorola PMKN4012B. DP3400 DP3401 DP3600 DP3601. dem USB-port vom PC.
    CHF 39,49
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    PVC-Außenbeschichtung in Schwarz. Das Dielektrikum besteht aus PE-Schaum. Bildschirm: 96x0,1 Cu. innerer Kern 7x0,16 Cu / Strang. 600 MHz - 64,3 dB / 100 m. 400 MHz - 53,2 dB / 100 m. Impedanz: 50 Ω.
    CHF 7,89
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  • 50 ft RG8X coax coaxial UHF PL-259 connectors amateur ham CB radio antenna cable

    This cable works great for ham radio, CB radio antennas, etc. • Fully molded nickel plated brass connectors. Also available 100 ft longhere. • 50 ohm impedance.
    CHF 23,67
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  • SO239 UHF Chassis Panel Mount Female Socket Bulkhead Adaptor PL259 Plug Coupler

    One UHF Female to UHF Female Bulkhead Adaptor. Body Nickel Plated Brass. Center Pin Gold Plated Brass.
    CHF 6,38
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  • Antenna 5/8 super coverage 868 mhz 869Mhz lorawan smart grid Europe

    LORA/LORAWAN systems 868. ADRUINO 868 SHIELD. swr 1.2:1 or better at 868 Mhz. antenna is tuned using professional antenna analyzer. antenna is designed for RX and TX as well. usable from 868-869 Mhz.
    CHF 23,56
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    D-ORIGINAL OUT-250-B - ANTENNA VERTICALE IN ALLUMINIO 3,5-57 MHZ, ALTEZZA: 7,13 M. Altezza: 7,13 m. We will not accept complaints ! Non accetteremo reclami!
    CHF 180,03
    Aus Italien
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